Flashback Friday--There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters


{Before you do anything else, name the movie my title comes from. If you can't, then I have to wonder what you've been doing with your life.}

So my sister called me last week demanding to be in the next Flashback Friday. What is it with my family? Apparently they think my blog is some crazy type of popularity contest. (And if it were, Jordan would be winning anyway.)

But since I already had a FF subject for last week (see: my trifecta of awesome things), I promised to feature her next week, which is now this week. So, Sarah, this one's for you.

My sister.
Ah yes, my sister.
She's so pretty, no?

[Note: this is not the "flashback" part; I just think these pics are funny.]

I am not lying when I say that I remember the exact moment I found out my parents were having a baby and that, thank the sweet Lord, it was a girl.

I was in my house in Winfield, IL, standing in the living room with my two brothers and my grandma. I had come home from school (I was eleven, so maybe fifth grade?), and my parents were gone. 

"They're at the hospital," my grandma said. "Your mom's having the baby."
Of course, I had known they were going to have a baby, so that wasn't the surprise. But I didn't know what kind, and since up until that point I was the only girl in the family (not counting my mom), I wanted a baby sister more than anything in the world. 

I waited and waited, and then the call came. 

I remember my brothers and I crowding around my grandma, who was holding the speakerphone. When I heard those three words--It's a Girl--I jumped up and ran circles around the house, yelling and pumping my arms the entire time. It sounds weird, but to this day I really do remember exactly how I felt. 

That moment is what I think about when Sarah is driving me crazy. (Example of said crazy: leaving threatening messages on my phone, promising me harm if I don't feature her in a flashback.)

But it's okay, cuz see? Eleven-year-old me is the proudest big sister ever. 
(Also of note: my huge glasses. Thanks, Mom.)

I'm biased, but really I think we can all agree that my sister is gorgeous.

She's one of those annoying girls who's hair looks perfect straight and curly. She's also one of those annoying girls who is nice and pretty and smart and athletic. (Bonus: She's a really good shopping companion. Talk about super cute dresser. And also honest in her critique of your choices.)

Yeah... she's super annoying. Just look at that face. Annoyingly cute, isn't she?

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Is it Friday already?

Ash said...

White Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love this. And I'm glad to see Sarah finally getting some Flashback Friday love. After I brought to attention your lack of attention to Austin, I was also going to bring up the fact that Sarah deserved a feature as well. Glad you came to the conclusion on your own (er...with the help of a threatening message from her).

Great post, and fantastic pictures.

Also...I don't know the movie quote. Sorry. :/


Amy Nielson said...

oh this is so sweet! totally warmed my heart. i am 12 years younger than my oldest sister & i love that you guys are so close. as she gets older you'll just get closer & closer!! :)

astrogirl529 said...

Love the cute baby pics what a sweetie!

Amanda said...

Ashley, yes! haha. good job :)

Audra, have we never talked about how much I love *White Christmas*? Have you never seen it? We need to watch it together! And glad I could post before you had to give me the heads up again. I need to watch my flashbacks and make sure I'm being fair.

Amy, I hope so! It's so much fun to have a sister.

Astrogirl, thanks!

Jess said...

She is definitely gorgeous and this post definitely just made me cry. As if being in my third trimester of pregnancy doesn't make me emotional enough, the realization that I'm about to bring a baby sister into the world for a very proud big sister is just more than I can handle today! The picture of you holding her is absolutely priceless. I bet your mom cries every time she sees it.

Whew. Okay. Done being emotional. :)