Flashback: The Proposal


Every year around this time, I think about when Jordan drove with me to Illinois for  Christmas and asked me to marry him. 
For those of you who are either new here or just don't know the story, two years ago, December 26, is the date. The whole story can be found here. It's a pretty good one, if I do say so myself, but for those of you who would prefer the abbreviated version, here are the high points: 

1. I had no idea it was going to happen.

Which is why:

2. I didn't think it was important to take a shower that morning.

Which also means:

3. I hadn't put on makeup or done anything with my hair.


4. I pretty much looked like I'd been camping in a tent.

5. We were spending the day in downtown Chicago with my family.


6. It was cold.

Which is why:

7. I was wearing a puffy coat, jeans, and brown snow boots.

Which means:

8. I looked hot.

Not really.

While it was happening:

9. My dad hid behind a bush like creepster and took pictures.

Which is how: 

10. I got a picture like this of the day Jordan proposed to me in Chicago.
Allison said...

I love how surprised you were!! I had also not showered and looked like a hot mess, but when I found out he was proposing (I was on a scavenger hunt) I went home, changed and put on make up before pressing on. Hahahahaha. Christmas would be such a fun time to be engaged.

meghan said...

Aw! That's too cute. I think the fact that you didn't shower or dress up makes it all the more authentic. Mine was a complete surprise too and definitely there was no makeup. I love that your dad got the picture and you'll always have it!

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

I absolutely love proposal stories! glad I found your blog! Just found your blog from the giveaway over at For Lauren and Lauren! We aren't too far away from each other - I'm up in the Texas Panhandle and my dad has land in Oklahoma! He's building a cabin so we'll be over there a lot once its done!

LeAnna said...

This is just precious. Also, I want to go to Chicago. Let's plan a trip someday.