The Present My Dad Got For Himself


There are two things you should know about my dad. 

Thing number 1: His mid-life crisis hit a few years ago, and instead of buying a motorcycle or dying his hair, he took up exercise. He's a pretty serious cycler, and earlier this year we ran a half marathon together. When I signed up for the 2013 Oklahoma City marathon, I asked him if he was going to do it too, and he said probably not.

Thing number 2: My dad does this thing where he likes to buy presents for himself and then wrap them up and give them to himself on Christmas morning. Because he's twelve years old. 

This year, he did something a little different. He wrapped up a present for himself, but he put a tag on it that said "To Dad from Amanda." I was like, "Um, Dad, I didn't get this for you." And he was like, "Well it says you did." You can't argue with crazy. But it was in his handwriting, so he wasn't fooling anyone. 

When he opened the package, there were TWO presents for him, and one for me. Inside I found two Oklahoma City marathon training shirts! It was his way of telling me he signed up for the OKC marathon. 
Competitiveness and belief you can do anything you set your mind to are Reese traits that I have clearly gotten from my dad. I'm excited to run with him in April.

Marathon training starts this week, with my first Saturday-morning training run with the OK Landrunners on January 5. Here's my schedule:
Week 1: 
Monday (Rest) 
Tuesday (4) 
Wednesday (Rest)
Thursday (3) 
Friday (Cross Training) 
Saturday (6) 
Sunday (Rest)

Total 2012 mile count: 358.8. My goal is to hit 500 in 2013!
meghan said...

What a fun thing for you and your dad to do together! I always wish I could get a family member to run with me. I'm hoping one day my husband will. I love the way he told you too! Marathon training is great, and I'm sure it'll be even better if you do it with a group. What plan are you following?

JipetSun said...

That's a funny tradition from your father, maybe I'll try that too :P

Gentri said...

Aw, that's awesome! So exciting! :D I need to start running again!