Because I'm Weird (Making 12-12-12 Epic)


Last year, when I realized it was 11-11-11, I freaked out. I felt like I didn't fully appreciate the day for what it was, and I was sad. All the numbers were the same! It was a once-in-a-lifetime day that would never come again, and I hadn't been ready. Then Jordan reminded me that I still had 12-12-12, and then and there I declared that I would not waste my opportunity to enjoy this once-in-a-century day.

That's how I ended up, one year and one month and one day later, plotting out how I was going to make 12-12-12 epic. EPIC. 

As if the people in my life need more reasons to think I'm crazy.

After much thought, I realized I couldn't really do anything epic. Let's be real. I live in Oklahoma. I can't go skinny dipping in the ocean or drive to the airport to make friends with Europeans on layover from France. 

So I did the next best thing. I documented my entire day with pictures so I could always remember how I spent 12-12-12. I've seen "a day in the life of" on other blogs, and I've thought about doing it before, mostly because I think my mom would enjoy it. But now I have an actual reason. 12-12-12, people! Did I mention it was epic?

With all that said, here's what my day looked like on 12-12-12 (and basically every other day after and before).
Important note: I either put on makeup or I do my hair. These days, it's never both. Today I put on makeup and therefore rocked the wet look. #lowmaintenance

At 7:00 on the dot, Jordan's alarm goes off, and I go in and wake him up. Before turning on the light I say, "Light." 
Then he covers his eyes, and I flip the switch. 
When I'm mad at him, I don't warn him before I turn on the light.
Don't tell him I said that.

Then I changed the date on the Christmas countdown chalkboard I made last year (I need some hot glue to fix the ribbon that's falling off) and chopped up some veggies to go in the Crock-Pot.
{You can download this adorable desktop here.}

I work for a retail company that sells barware. Drinking flasks and wine cork cages and personalized beer glasses and the like. My friends who know how conservative I am find this amusing. I write all the product descriptions and handle social media marketing.

After I arrived at work, I passed out chocolate to my coworkers. (I got them as Christmas gifts, but I passed them out on 12-12-12 because it seemed like the appropriate thing to do).

I usually take my hour lunch around 1:30. Sometimes I go to the mall, which is not even 10 minutes away, but most of the time I just sit in my car and read.
I checked the mail, hoping for Christmas cards, but instead I just found another "last chance" notice from Real Simple. Instead of renewing my subscription, I decided I'm going to reread all the magazines from 2011. I'm being weird and economical all at once.

When I walk inside, this is what I see! Jordan gets home before me and turns on the lights on our tiny Christmas tree.
Right now I'm eating baked-from-scratch cookies (I've already had 3 and will soon go for #4), and I'm about to turn on some Friends and wrap Christmas presents. Then I'll probably climb into bed around 10:00 and read for a bit before falling asleep somewhere between 10:30 and 11:00. (I've been trying to read a chapter of the Bible every night. I just finished Matthew, and now I'm reading Ezra.)

Obviously I can't honestly say I made 12-12-12 epic. I do, however, feel like I fully appreciated the day for what it was. And I suppose, now that I'm thinking about it, I really should take this type of excitement into every day. December 12, 2012, is the last triple-digit day we're going to have this century, but tomorrow is the last December 13, 2012, we'll have ever. I'm not going to document my day with pictures, but I will try to face it with as much enthusiasm and joy and gratefulness. Which brings me to the only appropriate way to end this kind of blog post.

As my brother likes to say, YOLO.

*I don't go to the gym every morning, so don't be thinking I'm a workout freak. I try to go every other day. That or whatever fits in best with my shower schedule.
**By shower schedule, I mean whatever works so I don't have to shower every day.
Ali W. said...

I love this post! So fun to see what you did all day. And can I just say that you are SO much more productive than me! Omgsh! I can't believe all the things you did before 8:00! I need to be more like you!

Kaleigh said...

fellow oklahoman! I've been looking for OK gals and I just found you through a very long list of other people's ads that is way too long to retell (and I've forgot.) But hey! nice to see a fellow okie :)

Unknown said...

I love the idea of a day in pictures! There is blog link up that I like called ten on ten that documents the 10th of every month by taking a picture every hour for 10 hours seeking to find beauty in the ordinary everyday life. This reminded me of that. (I participated this year you can check out Monday's post...)

And for the record I think a shower schedule is totally normal. I try to plan my workouts around my shower schedule because I HATE drying my hair. The less I have to do it the better.


Katie said...

love that christmas sign! good for you for going to the gym in the morning! and those cookies look delicious!

Laura Darling said...

I love that you documented this day! What a great idea! I am so inspired by your mornings - you are so productive!

Brooke said...


Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas!

Your newest follower,