The Head Scratcher


It might be almost New Year's, but I hope you didn't think I was finished with Christmas stories, because I most certainly am not. There are still a couple left to go besides the snowflakes and the jeggings.

Christmas this year was a head scratcher. 
Have you seen these? My brother bought this crazy thing at Target, and it is pretty much the best thing to ever touch my head. Any time one of us sat down for more than one second, we would say, "Get me the head scratcher!" to the nearest person. 

It didn't take us long to figure out that we should avoid walking behind anyone unless we wanted to spend the next five minutes giving a head scratch. These stainless steel tendrils were built by the elves. (Lord of the Rings reference, what?)
Then it got weird. My dad's homicidal tendencies came out, and he started attacking people with the head scratcher. Not cool, Dad.
So that's the story of the head scratcher. I definitely recommend you pick one up immediately. Just...maybe keep it away from my dad.
Justine said...

Curtis's dad is known for asking people to scratch his head, so he got one of these for Christmas last year. He carried it around all day and kept asking people to scratch his head!