Snowflakes That Look Like Snowflakes


So, the weatherpeople forecasted 8-10 inches to hit OKC on Christmas day. They freaked us all out, per usual, by calling it "Blizzard 2012" and "The Winter Storm 2012." We knew they were serious because they used capital letters and added the year. 

Jordan got worried that we would be stuck inside for days without food until I reminded him that two days ago I'd bought a carton of eggs and a gallon of milk. We could make omelets for a week before going hungry. And when we ran out of eggs, I told him proudly, I had 2 boxes of stuffing mix and 1 can of chicken noodle soup in the pantry/hot water heater closet we could surely do something with. I wasn't worried.

Instead of concerning myself with unimportant matters like eating, I started planning out what I was going to do all day when they closed my office and told everyone to stay home for a week. It was going to be epic. 

What we got after all that was a nice coating of ice and about half an inch of the white stuff. But no matter. If I've learned anything about Okies, it's that any amount of snow is crippling, so whether it's 8 inches or 1, the thought of going anywhere is out of the question. We spent the whole day hanging out at his parents' house, except for the occasional jaunt out into the cold to take pictures in the snow. 

Jordan's a little mad at me, because he says it's been a white Christmas 3 out of the 5 Christmases I've lived in Oklahoma, and it's been a white Christmas 3 out of the 27 Christmases he's lived in Oklahoma. I tell him he should be thanking me because clearly that means I brought it with me from the good land of Illinois. It's the Land of Lincoln, but it's also the Land of People Who Like to Share. 

In honor of the snow, I rocked my ultra-chic gray sweatpants and sweet boots (see the first photo), and Jordan dug out his puffy coat. What up, snow flurries!
This is the same coat Jordan was wearing when he proposed to me two years ago, on December 26, 2010. The only difference is that we were in Chicago, and I was wearing jeans. But I was still wearing the boots because A) I look good wearing them and B) I look good wearing them.
 But the real talking point was the snowflakes. Check this out: it's a snowflake that LOOKS like a snowflake. Imagine that! I just wish I had a macro lens to zoom in on that puppy. 
We were supposed to drive to small-town Oklahoma to see Jordan's extended family, but the roads were so bad due to the half-inch of snow that we decided it would be safer to stay inside. Luckily ABC Family Channel was playing a marathon of The Santa Claus 1, 2 and 3, so that kept us busy for a good chuck of time. Jordan wondered if they were going to make SC 4. I said I hoped not.

It was a gloriously white Christmas. Unfortunately, I think work is on for tomorrow, which means we aren't snowed in, which means I really do need to go to the grocery story and buy food. Realistically, I don't know how far we would have gotten on 2 boxes of stuffing mix. 
Brooke said...

That little snowflake is so cute! How adorable!

Happy Holidays,


Helene said...

good thing you had eggs on hand, just in case!
we got some snow in texas, but weren't snowed in either :(

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite part was "it's also the land of people who share." So funny. It's ALSO the Land of Obama. Who also shares. So that's perfect!


Unknown said...

Hey! I resent the fact that you imply the *snow* is crippling. It's the ice we always get that's crippling. Sleet makes it hella hard to drive no matter what state you live in. If it was just snow, we'd probably drive as poorly, but I'd like to think we'd at least make a go of it rather than hide inside our houses shaking. It's the ice that induces the shakes (as well as the skids, pile ups, and other unfortunately automotive byproducts).

LeAnna said...

Yeah, people around here just don't know how to drive. Period. Snow/sleet/rain/ice/blowing dirt/leaves/tumbleweeds just make it all the more difficult. A vast majority of locals were meant to be riding horses everywhere still. And living in teepees without electrical outlets so they don't burn themselves crisp with space heaters. (Sorry, that's not really funny, but seriously...people need common sense worse than food stamps.)

I made a really good crockpot meal with a box of stuffing mix the other night!

It only cooks on low for 4 hours, so it would make a great Sunday lunch.