Calling All Running Bloggers: A "Running is Awesome" Linkup Party!


I've become that annoying person who talks about running all the time. I'm basically obsessed, which isn't really all that bad unless you're my husband, in which case you're forced to nod along and pretend like you're actually interested in hearing about the killer pace I kept on my last 3-mile run (8:20 min/mile!) or what new song I added to my ipod (Hunter Hayes's "I Want Crazy") or how many miles are left until I need new running shoes (-50).

Unless you're a runner you can't possibly understand why talking about running is so interesting. But I tweeted this last week:

That one tweet got more retweets and favorites than any I've ever posted. And I realize I follow a lot of running bloggers, but still.  Anyway, the point of all this is that running is awesome, and I talk about it so much because I want everyone to share my enthusiasm. 

That's why Ashley and I are teaming up to host a linkup party THIS MONDAY, July 8th for: 

*100 Reasons Running is Awesome*

There probably won't be literally 100 reasons, but we're hoping enough people link up that there's more than just us two. The post will go live at midnight on Sunday and be open through the week. This is a one-time linkup, although we may decide to do others on running topics later on.

So write up a post about why you think running is awesome and come back on Monday to link up with us! There won't be any silly rules like requiring you to follow anyone, although there will be a button to grab if you feel so inclined. Then we can all hop around and get running inspiration!

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17 Perth said...

Yay!! Ill be there! Running at 10k tom! :)

Katie said...

i am ready to be a runner again!!! i miss it!

Tamara said...

Girl, YES! I am in for the post - so the tally is up to 3!

I also will open & read anything that has running in the title. My husband the other day (he is not a fan of the internets) was like "You post too much personal information online" (I don't) and I showed him like my last months posts and it was all running related.


I win.

henning love said...

hahah i love your twitter status, im sorry i don't have a recent running related post for you to catch up but i still do it quite a few times a week. we started out yesterday with a 5k

Lissa @ Pass Go and Be Below said...

this was a fun link up and now i'm on the search for more running blogs! thanks ladies :-)