Happy Birthday to Mr. Lady Okie!


That's right! Mr. and Mrs. Lady Okie have birthdays exactly 1 year and 1 week apart. Know what that means? Birthday celebrations continue! Huzzah! 

Everyone wish The Man Behind The Blog a happy 28th!

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Don't worry, he smiles regular sometimes. When I say pretty please. 
Who can resist those dimples? Not I.

We're headed over to the in-laws' house tonight because every year Jordan requests one thing: his mother's cooking. And in Oklahoma that means a plate full of homemade fried okra.

I married him, but let's be honest: he's a mama's boy always and forever.


  1. You should tell him he's much cuter when he smiles. Although, maybe not because you wouldn't want him smiling around too many single women, haha!

    Happy birthday Mr. Lady Okie ;)

  2. if you didn't tell, i wouldn't recognize him in the 2nd picture.

    happy birthday Jordan!

  3. That middle picture is too funny! Little Magnum P.I. circa the 80's. Much better with the smile! Hope he has an amazing Birthday!

  4. Happy happy birthday!! I feel ya, my hubs loves his mommas cookin' too. But then again so do I.. lol

  5. Aw happy birthday to your man! Enjoy a home cooked meal (not by you!) Haha.

  6. Happy Birthday Jordan!! AND YUM to fried okra! Have some for me! :)

  7. happy birthday! great pictures!

  8. Birthday fun!! Yay! Happy birthday Mr! Have a great birthday week together you two love birds :)

  9. so fun!! happy birthday! my man is obsessed with his mustache these days as well and thinks it is fun not to smile when I take his picture ;) oh boys!!


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