The Aftermath


I'm glad I didn't go to Seattle. Not only because I'm glad I stayed for the funeral, but also because right around the time I would have been flying out of Chicago, my friend (whom I was going to vacation with) sent me this text: 

Plane was struck by lightning. Flight to Seattle was canceled. Not kidding. Trying to get rescheduled.

I called Justine the next day to check on her and found out that she finally made it to Seattle after a 10.5-hr layover in Chicago. And believe me, O'Hare is not the sort of place you want to be stuck for almost a dozen hours...although it does make for some interesting people watching. But how long can you really do that for before you consider selling your earrings just to get a seat on the next flight to anywhere? 

Meanwhile, I was sharing a bed with Jordan's twelve-year-old sister in this bed and breakfast in small-town Hobart, Oklahoma. 

It was actually a really cute house, and the owner fixed us some delicious sausage and cheese quiche in the morning. Then we headed off for Hollis, OK, where, to my surprise, it got even more small-town Oklahoma. (Jordan says Hobart, a town of 3,600 people, is a "bustling metropolis" compared to Hollis, a town of just over 2,000.) 

That's where Jordan's grandparents grew up and met, and that's where both sets of maternal great-grandparents are buried. 

It was a long, emotionally draining day, but I'm not going to lie and say that I didn't love being introduced as "Jordan's fiance" to everyone we saw. No sarcasm. I really did love it. It's fun being a step up from girlfriend. I'm officially legit. And meeting all his family and friends and seeing the love for his grandpa and grandma was something I would have hated to miss.

Here's us looking stellar, as always.

Jordan wrangled a pair of his grandpa's cowboy boots and a hat and wore them all weekend. Even though I'd never seen him in either before, they don't look half bad. (I'll have to take a picture and post it.)

We arrived back late Saturday night, and I spent Sunday and Monday cleaning up what I could of our new apartment. My brothers, sister, and parents are coming this weekend to move the rest of my stuff in so the apartment won't look like this anymore: 

I'm trying to be nice and leave space for when Jordan eventually moves in after we get married, but it's hard! I have a lot of stuff, and it seems to have multiplied since putting it in storage. It's all threatening to spill everywhere, but hopefully I can hold it together for a few more months. Sixty-six days, to be exact. Yeah, it's that close. 
Anonymous said...

YAY I can finally comment on your blog! This is exciting for me. You have no idea. Maybe you do have an idea. Maybe you're dreading it. Oh well, too bad for you. HA.

Okay, 1) I thought the pic of the bed and breakfast was a pic of Jordan's bedroom at home. HA. You can't deny that it's a very manly-looking room. My word. 2) New apartment looks CUTE!! Can't wait to see it in person. :)