Flashback Friday--My Favorite Picture


This is my favorite picture of me:

I don't know why I love it so much, but it always makes me happy to see it. Maybe because it's black and white; those are usually the best pictures. The pile of leaves brings me back to the fun of jumping into a huge, crunchy mound of reds and oranges and browns. I have bangs, so I must be kindergarten or younger, because that's when I chopped them off and never looked back. Even then I had a drastic side part. That coat, which is so poofy and looks so warm. I can tell I'm in my grandparents' front yard, which of course brings back memories.

And my squinty-eyed grin. My mom tells me I was quite the trouble-maker in my younger days. 

Which leads me to wonder what I was thinking right as this picture was taken. No doubt I was plotting something. They say I was a plotter.