Stage Six and Some Advice


I mailed invitations today.

{don't mind the creeper; he just won't. go. away.}

(Note: I have decided to personally hunt anyone down who doesn't RSVP.)

Also, here's some free advice:

Make sure that before you put stamps on 120 envelopes, you go to the post office and weigh the invitation.

Doing so will allow you to know if you need to get a $.44 stamp or a $.61 stamp.

This may or may not have happened to me. And after putting nice wedding ring stamps on 120 envelopes, I may or may not have discovered that the invitations were one tenth of an ounce too heavy and required an additional seventeen cents.

And the post office may or may not have had the ugliest seventeen-cent stamps I've ever seen, which unfortunately did not go with my nice wedding ring stamps. They did, however, have lovely wedding cake sixty-one-cent stamps, which failed to be helpful due to my large stack of already carefully stamped invites.

So take my advice and weigh your invite early so your envelope doesn't look like this:

Yes, it's just a stamp. I'm not insane enough to cry over a stamp. (Or am I?) And I'm sure no one will even notice (except anyone who reads this). But I will, and if I could boycott the post office and stamps, I would. But I can't, so that's that.

But the next time I see a ram, I'm going to punch it in the face. 
Anonymous said...

I freaking LOVE this. Given the warning I got on Gchat a few days ago, I did not think this could be as funny as it has ended up being. And yet I cannot stop laughing.

And I'm sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but . . . I DO think people (even those who don't read this post) are going to notice a giant blue goat with curled horns . . . next to a really classy (and tasteful) set of wedding rings. Sorry.

That really IS an unfortunate consequence of your mistake with the whole weighing thing. I guess it's also an unfortunate consequence of living in Oklahoma. I feel like, in any other state, there would be something more . . . floral . . . or like, plain with a solid-color border or something. Okay, now I'm not being helpful at all, sorry.

You gotta wonder, though . . . who the heck made that purchasing decision? Because that was definitely a purposeful choice. I imagine (s)he wears boots. And a large hat. And probably chews on pieces of straw all the livelong day.

Can't wait to get the invite. This is one envelope I'm SAVING!

Lauren said...

Aw. haha These are the things you've got to laugh at. (clearly you are already because you're awesome) Some brides would be devastated at every tiny error, others will laugh & just stockpile the memories. When it's all said & done you'll be married to your guy & have a few extra stories to laugh at.

Amanda said...

Audra, yes, it really is bad, isn't it? But I'm glad you're going to save the envelope! Haha. Also, that is really the only 17-cent stamp! My mom even went to a post office in Texas to check. Lame.

Lauren, I have to laugh, because it's just so ridiculous. That stamp is horrid :)

Corinne Fish said...

Are you writing these things down in your wedding booklet to share with the rest of us, because it would in fact be helpful... especially if we could have thought of it first for you.. sorry sis. It is funny and I'm with Audra I will save my invite and envelope just so I will have good memories. :)

Mindy said...

Ok my sweet niece...I want you to know that I was so flipping excited to receive the invite that I ripped open the said stamp filled envelope and flung it's now uselessness aside. Now mind you, I knew about the stamp situation prior to receiving the OFFICIALNESS of the envelope. But in my joy of the eyes did not wonder onto the stamps. Not for one second. I then quickly filled out my RSVP . Anyway, I filled it out so I could run like the wind to the mailbox with my fingers crossed that mine would be the first response received... Then I had a fleeting thought that if I actually wanted a chance at this potential prize winning accomplishment...I could just run it up the street to the 102 mailbox. But then the stamp on that would have been a waste and I couldn't take that. So, I closed the mailbox and flew up the flag and ran back inside to inspect the invite !! Upon putting the invite in a secure location, I proceeded to toss the outer envelope in the trash. All this to say....I didn't even notice the "ram" stamp! Of course now seeing the stamps in the photo...maybe your goal was to say...hey wedding, hurry and get here so I can ram a ring on your finger. IDK!
Love ya!!!

Mindy said...

just FYI. I had funny things in that i typed in these <>. Well, apparently it didn't like i shall now edit for the editor...UGH

after RSVP..please add...I thought there could potential be a prize for the first person to respond. And now seeing that you would hunt down any non scares me a little:)

After !!! they are gorgeous by the way

Here ends the editing.

Jess said...

I freaking love you. And your goat stamps. :)