Friday Night Basketball


I had planned for a relaxing Friday night, watching a movie with Jordan or something. Then, around 2:00 on Friday afternoon, he called to say that a friend of his had gotten three free Oklahoma City Thunder basketball tickets for that night and wanted to know if I was interested. 

Oh, and they were box seats with free food.

Um...yes, please.

So we suited up (by that I mean Jordan put on his Thunder shirt) and headed downtown. It was crazy traffic, and we had to pay $5 to park in a lot that has always been free, which was annoying. But once I saw the buffet line crammed with salad, two different types of chicken, lobster macaroni, veggies, rice, corn, and a tray of dessert, it was all worth it.

(Plus, we got to wear a yellow wristband. Anywhere you have to wear a yellow wristband is a place I want to be. I mean, unless it's shady.)

The tickets had a $101 face value, and I would definitely not pay for those myself, but they were free so...yeah. We'd gone to two Thunder games (one this season and one last), and both times we sat at the very top. I mean very top. So the closeness of these seats was awesome. No tinges of vertigo whatsoever, and we could even read the names on the backs of the players' jerseys!

The Thunder won, and we had a blast. I kept hoping that with our proximity to the court we'd be noticed by the cameras and, say, make it on the kiss cam. Then, when it actually came time for the kiss cam, I spent the whole time with my heart pounding wildly, hoping we didn't actually make it on. I was conflicted. 

We weren't on it, but that was okay. I love watching the super awkward moments where the camera zooms in on a girl and guy, but you can tell they aren't actually together; and while the girl shakes her head, the guy leans in for one anyway.

Our friend had to leave the game before it was over, but Jordan and I stayed till the end. Then after the game was over, we began the long trek back to our car, grumbling about how we had to pay $5 to park at the edge of the world. 

It was an unexpectedly eventful Friday night. Boy could I get used to box seats.