The Time Has Come


To get a haircut. It's so long already, though, that I doubt anyone will even notice I got three inches cut. It certainly won't be like when I donated my hair to locks of love. That was crazy. 

I haven't gotten it cut least six months. Probably longer, in fact. I just forget, and it's long, and I'm cheap. Really, though, it's because I just don't care all that much about it. But then there comes a time when I absolutely must get it cut lest I take scissors to my own head and attempt trimming it myself. Which would be a complete disaster, so I grudgingly sigh and write a check.

And since I'm getting married in two months, I figured I needed to do it now so it has time to grow back in case I hate it.

And now I've spent way too long talking about my hair. 

Amy Nielson said...

uummm, you better take a before pic!! can't wait to see :)
and yay for a wedding in two months?? wooohooo!!

Anonymous said...

Check it out. I did it. :)