Purple Flowers


I was all stressed out about it, but Jordan and I got an apartment. I did live with Hannah for a week, and then I was in the apartment for a week with most of my stuff still in storage. But my family came down two weekends ago and helped me move in. We unpacked a lot, but there were still a few boxes left to be opened.

So on Sunday, I put on some NCAA basketball and went to work cleaning our apartment. I unpacked the final two boxes just to get them out of the way and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Boxes = no fun.

It was kind of fun, though, to see all my stuff again. I kept finding books and clothes I'd forgotten about and getting excited.

In my old apartment I hung pictures of my friends and family and had random knickknacks set up around my room. Now it's hard to have a different mind-set about this place. I can't just put up a picture wherever I want until I know what Jordan is going to bring over.

Even so, I did what I could and tried to be artsy and creative in my decorating; but it's harder than you think to not be girly. I mean, I wouldn't consider myself a super girly girl, but my eye is drawn to purple. And flowers. And for now my necklaces are all hanging in the bathroom. But I'm sure they won't last long.

It's okay, though, because Jordan's got a stuffed great horned owl and deer head that he claims he's going to put in our apartment. That'll man the place up quickly, so I suspect I'll need purple flowers to balance it out.

Still, I'm super excited to have a guy around to put things together and take out the trash and kills spiders and stuff. [Not that I wouldn't (and haven't) killed a spider. Because I have.]

I've been living here for a few weeks now, and so far I like it a lot. It's more open and homey than my last apartment, and I don't have a roommate anymore, so I can blast the music as loud as I want.  

It is weird getting used to "our" apartment instead of just "mine." I guess that's just the first of many to get used to in the months to come. 

In other news, I had my final dress fitting on Friday, and it went well. The hem is perfect, and my Italian seamstress told me the white shoes I brought were "one hundred perfect better than those pink shoes, no?" Plus, I have been slightly worried that I'll secretly gain weight and not be able to fit into my dress. (Yes, I'm that girl.) But then my brother asked me if I ever worried about fitting into my pants or my shirts. 

"Well...no," I said sheepishly.
"Then why are you worried about the dress? Do you worry about fitting into your other dresses?"
"Point taken."

So, my fears erased, I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies on Sunday night and have been pounding them down. I think this batch is in the top five of most awesome batches.
Lauren said...

Yay Apartment! I'm moving into a new one at the end of next month & am super excited but also anxious. It's such a process.

Katie Dupre said...

I worried a lot about the same thing when Norris and I moved in together (I am also attracted to purple and flowers). But it turns out that guys are a lot less into decorating than we are. Like, a LOT less. Even the cool conscientious ones (like the guys we are getting married to). It turned out that Norris liked a lot of my stuff better that his, and we were able to throw out our mutually ugly things. Also, my necklaces are hanging in the bathroom as well, and I am not sure he has even noticed yet. :)