Engagement, Stage Seven--Take Engagement Pictures


Jordan hates pictures. He's one of those people. You know the type.

I love pictures. I'm one of those people. You know. They (pictures [and, I guess, picture-loving people]) just make me happy.

So a four-hour photo shoot, driving around the streets of downtown Oklahoma City on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in March was right up my alley.

Not so much for Jordan.

Lucky for him, he's super photogenic, so he didn't have to try hardly at all to produce fantastic pictures. It's the dimple. And he was such a trooper, following me around while our friends Vince and Jess snapped picture after picture. And he might not admit it, but he had a blast. Hanging out with our friends all day didn't hurt.

When I first suggested engagement pictures, Jordan wasn't fully on board.
"Why do we need to take pictures?" he asked. "People know what we look like."
"That's not the point," I said. "This is the only time in our lives that we can take a lot of pictures of ourselves without people thinking we're weird."

Point made. Point taken.

So we went and had fun being all "engagementy," and at the end of the day (and Vince's editing), here's a sample of what came out:

Anonymous said...

Yay!! You put up half of my favorites! And one I hadn't seen! Fun times.

I like your label "things that make me happy" on this post. This is a thing that makes me happy too.

And sorry to say, but I DID buy my return ticket today, so my stay in Oklahoma City now has an end . . . and unfortunately, it's BEFORE you're returning from honeymoonland. :(

Booo . . . if only my grandpa and I were going south on our summer road trip instead of north! Oh well. I'm sure I will feel you in Chicago. And I still get to see you for a couple days in any case. Can't freakin' wait!!


Amanda said...

I want to go to honeymoonland! Sounds awesome.

And haha "I'm sure I will feel you in Chicago." Not that I think you won't, because you WILL. However, that sounds weird.

Can't wait either. It's been much too long.

Lauren said...

You guys look great! I especially love the one on the stairs, you look so relaxed & happy. Those are the best because they look like YOU. You know?

They're all great though. Yeeee!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Lauren! I like the stairs one too :) I know what you mean about looking like us.