Flashback Friday--Unpredictable Craziness


I promised last week that I would showcase my brother Austin. It appears that I have unintentionally included my brother Daniel in more flashbacks, and it was recently pointed out to me by a friend that Austin needs some Friday love as well. 

My nineteen-year-old brother Austin is, in a word, unpredictable. At any given time he could be wearing anything, doing anything, asking anything, saying anything, and in general being anywhere. 

{The following examples are for your reference}

(Lauren, this HAS to count as a chin photo. It's horribly terrible.)

He was also in my wedding (two months ago yesterday!), and the dude could NOT stop laughing.

What a weirdo. 
Love that guy.

If you don't have a brother, get one immediately. They're pretty great.

Linking up with Lauren for today's Flashback Friday!

Caitlin said...

Love it! I didn't realize your wedding was only 2 months ago! How fun!

Heidi said...

These are awesome! Quick question: Is Austin wearing black tights in that karate-looking pic? Because that would rule. Also, the guy standing second from left in your wedding photo looks like he wants to pop your brother in the mouth. Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

wow, great post. I have looked at it at least three times. and have showed it to one other person (so far). it's great that austin cannot stop laughing because that makes ME unable to stop laughing AT him! way to go. you did him proud. :)


Lauren said...

Oh yeah, that totally counts as a chin pic. :) And by the way, hot dress for your rehearsal dinner! Oww oww!

Amanda said...

Caitlin, I know! Still getting used to being married :)

Heidi, YES! He is wearing black tights. Not sure where he got them... And you're right about our friend Jeff looking like he wants to pop Austin in the mouth! Though he's most likely just wondering what Austin was laughing about :)

Audra, Austin emailed me later that day to say that he'd never gotten such a great shout out before. Glad you think I did him proud.

Lauren, thanks! My mom totally helped pick that dress out! It had pockets too! Super awesome.