In the Event of a Fire


Yesterday there was a grass fire close to my apartment complex. So close, in fact, that the power went out, and a man came through knocking on doors, telling residents they should be prepared to evacuate "if it comes to that."

This was, understandably, a bit frightening, especially since my building faced away from the fire, so if it came close, I wouldn't know right away.

Still, it got me thinking about my stuff and what I would be sad to lose. Obviously being alive and healthy is worth more than anything I own. I have renter's insurance, and I doubt I would truly miss any material possessions should a fire come and burn down everything I have.

But there are things I do consider invaluable, and, if I did have time to grab a few items before fleeing to safety, here's what I would take: 

[In no particular order]

--My violin. This was a Christmas gift when I was a freshman in high school. Sure, I could buy a new one, but this gift stands out in my mind as one of the best, and I would be devastated to part with it.

--My wedding guestbook. On each picture-filled page are signatures and well wishes from those who were there to celebrate our special day, and I don't think it could be recreated.

--My wedding scrapbook. On the morning of my wedding day, my mom presented me with a scrapbook that contained pages made by my closest friends and family. She had secretly mailed and/or given pages to my bridesmaids, my high school friends, my Oklahoma friends, my cousin, my aunt, and my sister, and my mom had done a few as well. It included photos from every era of my life thus far as well as bridal shower pages and events leading up to the wedding. I teared up as I opened it and looked through the unique, creative pages, and this is something I would definitely grab as I ran out the door.

--My engagement ring (if I wasn't already wearing it). The diamond itself holds special significance to us and would be horrible to lose.

--Finally, I would put on my purple Pumas (featured in this post), the book I'm currently reading (Bonhoeffer [so I have something to do while I'm watching my apartment burn down]), and head out. 

{note: I used to be one of those people who, when asked this question, said, "First, I'd grab my Bible!" But let's be honest. In the event of a fire, where I could only hold a few precious items, I really don't think I would. I can always buy another Bible, though I'd have to start over with my underlinings and notes in the margins.}

Oh, and if he wasn't already ready to go, I guess I'd get my husband too. I suppose I consider him pretty irreplaceable. 

Who can resist this face?

Or... this one? 

That's what I thought. Irresistable. 
You know you'd grab him the event of a fire.

P.S. So, I posted this, and then I was reading it back over, looking for typos and such, and realized that most of my irreplaceable things are wedding related. For some reason I find this interesting. I think Jordan has more items of sentimental value than I do--knives he's gotten from his grandpa and such. I do have a scrapbook from my college years that I would be sad to lose, but it's currently sitting at the bottom of my closet, buried in a box underneath another box, which is underneath another box. So I didn't really consider that an option. 

P.P.S. I'm not sure why/how the above is relevant. I suppose just my lame attempt at another disclaimer (sorry, Audra), though it's unclear even to me what I'm disclaiming. So never mind.
Lauren said...

I'm totally going to steal this idea for a blog post, ok? Probably won't have as much of an impact as actually being in threat of your building burning, but it's pretty good food for thought. :) And adorable.

p.s. I accidentally clicked your blogger profile & didn't realize you worked or publishing... actually didn't have any idea WHAT you did for a living. Super interesting!

Amanda said...

Haha. Steal away! Glad I have a "stealable" post idea. I'm interested to know what you'd grab! And yes, publishing is pretty interesting; though sometimes reading all day just makes me sleepy.

Caitlin said...

Amanda! I just caught up on all your posts and I agree with Lauren and want to steal this one too...but I don't really have a good venue for it so I probably won't. However, HOW does that picture of your husband with a rogue arm work? I'm guessing it is you hiding behind him but how are you that tiny?!

Anonymous said...

I bet your stuff is all wedding related because that's the newest/biggest/most momentous event in your life right now. In about 20 years, you'll leave those wedding scrapbooks behind and grab the art projects your kids have made you and the precious gifts they've given you over the years. Not to say that your wedding stuff won't still mean a lot to you in 20 years, but you'll have had 20 years to enjoy it. Just like you've had a few years to enjoy your college scrapbook, which is why it's on the bottom of the closet right now. It's okay that your wedding and new marriage are the center of your life right now. I would even go as far as to say it SHOULD be that way. So grab that diamond and those pictures and get to safety, friend!


Amanda said...

Caitlin, I have NO idea how that arm thing is happening. Yes, I am standing behind him, but I am not that skinny, so I can only assume I was either standing sideways or the friend who took these photoshopped a bit. Weirdness.

Audra, thanks for the support! I think you're absolutely right, and you made me feel much better and less...oh...cheesy and lame, I guess. I'll check back in 20 years and give you an update :)