On Getting Hit On


If you're keeping track, this afternoon I was hit on for the second time in two weeks. Other girls might be used to these sorts of happenings and think that number really isn't anything to write home (or on your blog) about.

But for me, someone who is A) married, B) shy around unfamiliar men, and C) a conservative dresser, this is weird.

The first occasion happened while I was playing tennis, and a guy I'd just met that night came up behind me while during a water break and pinched my bicep! Seriously? Why he thought this would be a good idea is unclear; believe me, there's nothing to pinch.

Anyway, so today I went to hang out at the pool with a few friends. As I was walking back to my apartment, a guy in a red Ford drove up (NOT someone my age, I should add), rolled down his window, and said, "Is your name Helen?"

"Is your name Helen?"
"No...?" I said. Then I stupidly continued to stand there, waiting for him to explain why he needed to know. Was he looking for Helen?

[At this point, some of you may know where this is going; but I, being naive and generally clueless, was just confused.]

"Well," he said, breaking into a wide grin, "you've got a face that could launch a thousand ships."

It took a second for the joke/pick-up line/creepy sentence/whatever it was to register, but when it did I was torn between a pity laugh (he was, after all, obviously joking); a look of horror (he was, after all, not my age); or no response at all besides a quick dash into the safety of my apartment.

I chose option #1 because, well, I'm nice, I guess.
But really, who says that?

Someone who pinches the biceps of girls he's just met, that's who.

If someone's going to hit on me, why can't it be someone who's not a creepster? I mean, is that too much to ask?

Apparently so. 
Anonymous said...

Don't feel dumb. I wouldn't have (and didn't) see the Helen thing coming either. Although, I will say that, in the grand hierarchy of cheesy, should-never-be-used, really bad pickup lines, one that makes a literary reference is the cream of the crop. Gotta at least give him props for that.

And, here is why you are now getting hit on (this is a fail-safe formula; happens every time). You now, because you are married, have that confident, sure-of-yourself, secure, I'm-taken glow.

If they don't know you're married, they're attracted to the confidence that you now (likely unknowingly) exude because someone has claimed you for life. (The amount I get hit on always increases exponentially when I'm in a new relationship.)

If they do know you're married, they're attracted to the confidence as well as the forbidden fruit. It's science. Just go with it.


Amanda said...

I remember you saying that about the confidence of being in a relationship making you more attractive to the opposite sex. I actually thought about it when that happened. And good thought about the pickup line. I do agree that on a scale, that one isn't horrible :)