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I just finished a five-mile run. I honestly don't consider myself a runner by any means. I'm not fast, and I except for the two times I've trained for a half marathon, I have never scheduled a run into my day. Mostly I just decide to go running; then I immediately put on my short, sports bra, shoes, grab my ipod and my watch, and head out before the inspiration leaves.

I'd say running is my best stress reliever. No matter how long or far I go, the majority of the time I end feeling accomplished. I love the burning feeling in my lungs, and it makes me feel happy to be doing something good for my body.

All that to say, today was a good run day. I do have bad runs, where after five minutes I'm wheezing and wishing I were dead. Or when, twentyish minutes into a scheduled nine-mile run, I have to go to the bathroom so bad I'm forced to take cover lest I have an embarrassing accident. But today, I got to mile three and thought, I think I'll run another. Then mile four came and went, and I decided I was closer to five than four and might as well keep going. As I said, it was a good run day.

Then I got home and checked the mail, where I found a card from a good friend. I was momentarily confused when I pulled a Chili's gift card out of the envelope, but then I remembered that tomorrow is my birthday!!!!!! (That's six exclamation points worth of excited, people!)

If nothing else, twenty-five is a good number to be at because my car insurance went down $70 this month! They know what's up. Before, when I was a young twenty-four-year-old, I was reckless and stupid on the road.

Now, at the ripe age of twenty-five, I'm sophisticated and smart. Seventy dollars worth of smart, apparently.

That's been my day so far--sleeping in, running, and my first birthday gift of 2011. I'd call it a good day. Tonight Jordan is taking me somewhere. It apparently could take anywhere from one to six hours, it does not involve eating, and it's something he's described as "not a clever idea" and "something you may not like." I'd say he's done a good job getting me to set a low expectation, so we'll see how it goes.

So, I started this post with the intention of posting some pictures from Erin's July 2 wedding. Clearly my thoughts are elsewhere; however, I still do want to post a few. I honestly can't think of a good transition between running, birthdays, and weddings, so I guess I'll just jump right in. I apologize for any awkwardness or transitional confusion.

Last weekend I was in Illinois for my dear friend Erin's wedding. After four years, Alan finally proposed, and they got married! Yay! This was my first time being a bridesmaid, and I will say that though I absolutely loved being part of their special day, it's more fun being the bride--I think because you get to boss everyone around.

But I was happy to be bossed around by Erin and happy to do what I could to make her day perfect. It was a fun weekend, and I had a blast with all my girls. 

Erin and I on Thursday, June 30. Yes, we are wearing "bride" and "maid" shirts.
The girls went out to lunch after we got our nails done.

Erin with her mom

Got the veil on!

Justine (my maid of honor and friend who sent the Chili's card) and I at the reception
Tossing the bouquet!
Me with Erin and Alan!
Lauren said...

Ooo I like her style a lot! Those are such cute bridesmaids dresses.

And please, you totally ARE a runner. Maybe not competitively, but you run therefore are a runner. I'd insist on this even before the 2 halves, but include those & there's no denying it. Happy birthday, you runner you!

Anonymous said...

does her shirt actually say bridezilla? and why is there a boy lying on the floor during the tossing of the bouquet? that looks really weird...

Amanda said...

Lauren--thanks! I suppose I am more of a runner than most, in any case :)

Audra--yes, her shirt says "Bridezilla." And yes there's a boy lying down, which does in fact look very strange and questionable. However, he is either the photographer or videographer, and I doubt he was getting up the dresses as much as it looks like ;)