Ode to an Unphotogenic Hat


First, I have an announcement. (Some people might call this a disclaimer. You know who you are.)

I realize the following lines look eerily similar to a poem, but before you start judging me for my terrible poem-writing abilities, don't. I just felt like spacing it like this. It's not supposed to be a poem. Thank you.

Okay, moving on.

My dear Jordan...

I love you, and
I think you're really cute.
But that hat.
That Hat. 
It's not photogenic.
It's too...
straight or something.
It makes your head look...
wide or something.
And it's red.
It makes me look red,
and I already do enough of that on my own.

I'm not sure what the point of this is.
Except to say that that's a quite
unphotogenic hat.

You're ruining my

So really,
I guess I'm saying that I'm shallow
and conceited
and burnt.

So yes, I'm blaming my sunburn
on your hat. 

...I'm very glad we could have this talk.


(Embracing the camera with Emily! Link up if you want to too!)

Laura said...

Hehe. I love your intentionally spaced but specifically stated non-poem-ed post. :)

LHawk said...

Oh, wow. You're right. That hat IS unphotogenic.

Loved the non-poem poem by the way :)

Boni Lady said...

Hahaha! Love it!

Wendy said...

Totally agree! There is just something about that hat.......

Stephanie said...

I'm with ya on the hat! Thanks for making me laugh!

Amy Nielson said...

haha, hilarious! i love how most girls have some item of clothing that they can't stand on their partners. for me? it's a pair sam's shorts. i did write a post about them, but not a poem. this was awesome.

Anonymous said...

you're right. I DO know who I am. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the poem love! Even though this was specifically stated to be not a poem, I think it was a great success in any case.