My Long-Term Decision about Saving


I like taking pictures. 
In fact, I'd say I'm not too bad at it.

But I don't have a good camera.

One where you need to learn about fancy things like ISO and manual settings.
I don't have one because they're expensive.

So here's what I've decided:
Instead of being jealous of other people's awesome cameras, I'm going to save up for one. 
It might take me two years, maybe three, maybe five. 
It might take me so long that the only picture I take is of my casket.
But it's gonna happen. 

Prepare yourselves.
And please hold tight with mediocre beginner shots for now.
Awesome, creative, fun, award-winning pictures will be coming soon.
[read: at least by the time I'm eighty-three]

That is all.
Thank you for your time.