10 Things I Won't Miss (About My Apartment)


When I first moved to Oklahoma just over two and a half years ago, I moved into an apartment complex called Highland Pointe. I lived in a one-bedroom apartment for a year before randomly finding a roommate (she approached me) and moving into a three-bedroom apartment.

There I've been for a year and half. Just me, Elizabeth (the roommate), and her dog, Toby.

On Monday, my lease is up, and this weekend I'm moving all my stuff to storage for a few weeks. Yesterday Jordan and I signed a one-year lease at a different apartment complex just down the road (it's cheaper and sits on a golf course. Win!), but I can't move in until March 5. 

Unfortunately, that happens to be the same weekend I'll be in Seattle running my second half marathon. So...I'll have to wait at least a few more days after that to move in. Thus, I'll be living with Hannah for a few weeks--and living out of a suitcase.

I've enjoyed my time at Highland Pointe, and it's been a great place to set up shop for my first stint as a real grown-up. But I am super freaking excited to move into this new apartment (two bedroom) and eventually live with Jordan (after we get married, of course). 

I know apartments as a whole aren't awesome, and you have to deal with rent and your neighbors and other annoying stuff like that. Still, there are definitely some things I won't miss about my current living location.

*Note before I begin: This apartment was a blessing, and having a roommate has allowed me to save more $ than I initially planned, and God is good to me all the time. This list is more just to be amusing than for actual complaining purposes.*

1. Parking. The parking suuuuuucks, and finding a space close to my building is as exciting to me as winning the lottery. In similar fashion, someone pulling into a close space right before me is as frustrating as...not winning the lottery? Maybe that didn't quite make sense.

2. The lady downstairs. We'll call her Smoker Lady. I love having the windows open in the spring, fall, summer, and winter to get some air and enjoy the lovely Oklahoma breeze. What I don't care for is to have my window open and get a waft of Smoker Lady's second-hand smoke into my bedroom. How the wind strategically moves the smoke over to my side of the building then up two floors is beyond me, but it's stupid and annoying, and if I'm going to die from second-hand smoke inhalation, I'd rather it not happen while I'm watching Top Chef marathons on Bravo. 

3. Smoker Lady's husband. We'll call him Smoker Man. He's tall and skinny and creeps me out just a little bit. Smoker Couple have these two huge dogs that Smoker Man takes on walks around the building. And when I say walks, I mean sashays, because that's what it is. Jordan and I can't decide if he's gay, and the two are actually brother and sister, or if he's just the girliest man we've ever not officially met.

4. The children. Don't get me wrong, I think kids are cute and fun, and I want some eventually. But apparently the two kids who live next door are friends with every. kid. in. the. complex, and for some reason our porch is where they like to hang out. And draw with chalk and run around and scream and knock down our flowers.

5. Having a pet (sort of). As a pet, my roommate's dog is awesome. He's so cute, and I've never met a more well-mannered, not-obnoxious dog in my life. If I ever do get a pet, I want it to be just like Toby. But he's still a dog, and sometimes I can smell him after he rolls around on the floor in the bedroom, and twice I've come home from work to find that he pooped on the floor. In my bedroom. Not Elizabeth's bedroom, mine. And since I don't exactly want to wait for another hour for her to get home from work, I clean up the poop. So...yeah. Does it make me a jerk that I don't want a pet at least for a few years? Maybe. But I will miss having a white furry animal greet me at the door, so I'm not completely heartless.

6. The drains. They're all clogged. Every. Single. One. Gross? Yes. My fault? Most definitely. But I'm still going to blame the apartment for their tiny drains that cannot adequately drain my long hair.  I'm moving out just in time, in my opinion. And no, I'm not going to unclog them before I move out.

7. The third floor. I guess it's good because I get exercise, but carrying grocery bags or my laptop bag or really just anything isn't so much fun when I have to walk up six flights of stairs. Moving in was a beast. Moving out won't be fun either, but in my (our!) new apartment, we're on the second floor. Booya. 

8. The gate. My apartment is a "gated community," which means it's supposedly safer and blah blah blah. But really the gate's just annoying, and Jordan hates it with a passion. It's slow and seems to take forever to open, and when I'm in a hurry it's just not fun. Also, it's difficult enough to explain to people where I live, but then there's a gate code to worry about, which tends to confuse people even more. Our new apt. doesn't have a gate. Do I not want to be safe? Perhaps. I like to live on the edge.

9. The speed bumps. There are at least one hundred I have to drive over every day in order to get to my apartment. Enough said. 

10. Having a roommate. As roommates go, mine is great. Fabulous, even; let's just put that out there. A year and a half ago she approached me randomly after a tennis match and asked if I needed/wanted a roommate. I said yes, and the rest is history. She pays bills on time, lets me ride around with her in her awesome red Jeep, and isn't loud or obnoxious or has her boyfriend spend the night or anything like that. Plus, I enjoy having someone to talk to every now and again. But let's face it--sometimes it's nice to just be by yourself. And after a year and a half, I'm ready (and I think she is too) to be on my own. At least for a few months until I'm officially a Bumgarner, and then I'll never be able to get rid of my roommate. Am I excited? Heck yes! Nervous about living with a boy? Oh yeah.

In conclusion, I'm ready for the next stage. For now, that stage is living in a new apartment and getting set up as Jordan slowly moves his things in. And maybe, since now I get to play golf for free, I'll learn?  

I'll be honest...probably not.
LHawk said...

Two things:

1.) About the children, I hope you're more lucky than I am in this area. There are several kids in my building, and they are always slamming doors and singing Justin Bieber. Ugh.

2.) When I read "Toby," I immediately thought of The Office. Does this mean I watch too much of The Office?