A Game . . . and a Winner!


A few days ago I wrote out 4 lies and a truth. It is now time to reveal the answers. 

The truth was . . . . . . . . #2! 

2. Every time I start reading a new book, I first flip through and find each page number that's a multiple of one hundred (page # 100, 200, 300, etc.). If a new chapter begins exactly on one of those multiples, I get really excited.

Yes, I really do this. It's weird. I don't know how it got started, but now I can't stop. And I do get excited. I can't explain it.

Props to those of you who guessed correctly!
Now I'll tell you what was wrong about the other ones: 

1. I have never been a bridesmaid in a wedding, but I have played violin in a few. The very first time I played violin in a wedding was for a college friend. I drove to Ohio with a few other girls for the weekend. I was super nervous and almost messed up the wedding march, but it ended up being fine.

Why this is a lie:
I have played in a few weddings, and the first time I played was for a college friend. But I drove to Nebraska, not Ohio, and I didn't really mess up the wedding march. At least, not that I remember. Although it was my first wedding, so it couldn't have sounded great.

3. I first remember having a crush on a boy in the third grade. His name was Ryan, and he had blond hair. It was true love for sure, but that's really all I remember about him.

Why this is a lie:
I don't remember having a crush on any boy in elementary school. It wasn't until junior high hit that I remember caring about boys at all. I do recall having a crush on a boy with black hair who played basketball.

4. The only time I've been to Hawaii was spring break of freshman year of high school. I went with my family and paternal grandparents. I went snorkeling, parasailing, and I tried surfing. The last one didn't go so well.

Why this is a lie: 
First of all, I have actually been to Hawaii twice. Both times it was with my grandparents, and my family and I stayed in the condo they owned, which was right off the ocean. I did go snorkeling (where I almost died after a run-in with an eel), but I never went parasailing or surfing. I'm certain I would be terrible at the latter.

5. My copy of Little Women shows many years of wear. I've read that thing so many times that the front of my paperback copy is practically falling off. I've also dog-eared my favorite passages. I heart Louisa May Alcott. 

Why this is a lie: 
Although I have read Little Women multiple times, it is my copy of Anne of Green Gables that is completely falling apart. I freaking love that book. And (sigh) Gilbert Blythe. 

Congrats to those of you who guessed right! Now for the winner of the gift card . . .

*Note: this number was chosen using random.org. I am not biased in any way.*

Comment #6! 

My dear ole dad, who guessed: #5. 

{He then later sent me an email saying that he knew the actual answer but wanted to throw everyone else off.}

Well, good job, Dad! For your lie, you get the gift card! Moral of the story: Sometimes cheaters prosper.