Since I Last Posted


I last posted on Friday. Since then, I have been busy doing this:

{just to make it interesting (because, let's face it, it really isn't), these are listed in no particular order}

Went to two different libraries
Watched two movies at two different theaters (The King's Speech and The Fighter--hello, Oscar nominations)
Ran 13.5 miles on the treadmill (9 on Saturday, 2 on Monday, 2.5 this morning)
Drank a very bad chai tea
Put two quarters in a parking meter
Made two loaves of Amish friendship bread (the kind you mush for a week in a Ziploc bag)
Watched the Superbowl (and rooted for the Packers for the first [and last] time ever)
Mailed a package to a friend
Finished a book (The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins)
Started a book (Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins)
Ate alligator (yes, the animal. I'm not kidding.)
Tried (and failed) to resist the urge to stalk my wedding registry online
Went to my first pre-marital counseling class with Jordan

I didn't learn anything I didn't already know about my betrothed. (I think it sounds cooler when I say betrothed. Maybe it's just me.) At one point, our pastor looked at me and said, "Did you know this about him?" (Him, in this case, being Jordan.)

Yes, yes I did. Good thing too, because I don't want to be thrown for a loop. I hate loops. Which reminds me...

This morning, when I was trying to find the coffee shop where I would ultimately order a very bad chai tea, my GPS was zero help. The stupid thing must have short-circuited, because instead of taking me toward the coffee shop, I was told by the stupid GPS lady to make circles in the round-a-bout.

"Turn left."
"Turn right."
"Go around the round-a-bout."
"Turn right."
"Turn left."
"Go around the round-a-bout."

What the crap! 

Don't worry. It only took me two circles to realize what was happening. Then I gave up, turned off my GPS, and called my friend, who I was supposed to be meeting. Turns out, she'd woken up late and wasn't even going to be there for another twenty minutes. Still, she safely led me to the shop, where I waited for her while drinking a questionable cup of chai. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but it was bad.

It was so bad, I almost wished I'd continued to circle the round-a-bout. Almost.
Lauren said...

Oh I can never use the lady GPS voices. Maybe it's because they don't tell me what I want to hear, but I ALWAYS end up calling it a bitch. I have to use the foreign accents, like I can forgive its mistake because they're clearly not from around here. Strange subconscious games, I know.

LHawk said...

I really want to see "The Fighter." It looks pretty great.
Also, just tell me when you're ready for "Mockingjay." I have it all ready for you.

Amanda said...

Lauren, I so did not know you could give them different voices! I'm changing mine immediately.

Laura, you should see The Fighter. It's good. Just prepare yourself to hear the F-bomb. A lot.