Flashback Friday--A Country Concert


While driving to work this morning, I was randomly reminded of the Brad Paisley concert that Jordan and I went to just over a year ago. It was one of my Christmas presents to him--two tickets to see his favorite country artist. Jordan's uncle actually works for CMT, so I called him, explained the situation, and ended up scoring amazing seats.

Justine Moore opened the concert.

Then Miranda Lambert sang. Awesomeness.

Brad Paisley came out! And winked at me. Then he played his guitar just for me. 
No, really, he did.

Okay, maybe he didn't. But whatever. It was an awesome concert. Although, in general I'm not a huge concert person, I did enjoy this one a lot. Brad Paisley can really put on a good show. And I freaking love country music. 

I've now seen Tim McGraw/Faith Hill, Keith Urban (w/Jason Aldean), and Justin, Miranda, and Brad. (We're on a first-name basis.)

Okay, not really.

Dear Jordan's uncle,  
Please get us tickets to another concert. That can be our wedding present. Second row or closer, please. 
Amanda (on behalf of Jordan too)