Engagement, Stages Three and Four


Okay, so I've got the books, got the bridesmaids' dresses, got my dress, sent out Save the Dates. Now I need to order invitations! I asked bunch of married people where they got their invitations. Did they make them, order them, what? I checked around some different stores and finally settled on an online place to create my wedding invites. 

To be able to order invitations, however, you have to make sure you know all your information. Information such as: date, time, location, reception time, reception location, your final guest list (obviously very important), and where you're registering. 

Which brings me to....
Engagement, Stages Three and Four: 
Invitations and Registering

I'm not actually sure which one comes first, but you have to make sure you register before people get the invitations and head to the store to buy you something off a registry that doesn't exist. You also need to keep in mind that if someone's throwing you a bridal shower or engagement shower, you have to register at those stores earlier. 

Jordan and I decided where we wanted to register, but Jordan wasn't sure he really wanted to go. And I'm like, "How could you not care what kind of stuff we get? This is going to be so fun!" But this is, once again, the difference between males and females; and I suppose the appeal of picking out place settings and bath towels is lost somewhere around the Y chromosome.

Still, he was a good sport and went to Macy's with me. We almost had a breakdown while choosing plates, but we recovered and ended up having a good time. I'm going to say it's because I'm nice and let Jordan hold the scanner. 

Once we headed over to the bedding, he got pretty serious about pillows. Fluffy but firm.

Then I told him to hold the scanner up so we could take a picture together. Somehow we both just ended up looking creepy.

We're also registering at Home Depot, which I think he'll have much for fun with, seeing as how he'll get to register for whatever he wants, and I'll be the one following him around. Maybe he'll let me run the scanner this time. It's only fair, right?
Lauren said...

I love to register! :) I've never been engaged, but one year in the midst of a million weddings & feeling a little overshadowed, I decided to register for my birthday. haha It was so much fun to shoot all the things I wanted! And practical... normally no one would get me new pillows for my birthday but it's EXACTLY what I wanted!