A Game (and your chance to win something!)


Yesterday my east-coast blogger friend Lauren tagged me in a little game. It's the one where I tell some things about myself that aren't true, some things that are, and you guess what I'm lying about. Only don't be confused: this time I'm giving you 4 lies and only 1 truth, and you have to guess what's true.

I'll give you three days to comment with your guesses (for those who don't make reading my blog a daily routine [which you should]), and on Sunday (February 20) I'll tell you what's what. THEN I'll pick one random, lucky winner (even if you didn't guess the right answer), and I'll mail you something awesome. Like a $5 Sonic gift card or something. (Awesome, right? I think so. Hello, cherry limeade.) You can email me your address (if I don't already have it).

[There were a lot of parenthesis in that paragraph. That was on purpose. They were strategically placed to make sure you were paying attention. I get serious about gift cards, people.]

Unless, of course, there's only one commenter. Then I'll just accept defeat and stop blogging altogether. 

That was a lie. 
I enjoy blogging too much to stop. I'm kind of addicted.

On that note, I give you: 

4 Lies and a Truth
(the game: weed out the lies to find the truth)

1. I have never been a bridesmaid in a wedding, but I have played violin in a few. The very first time I played violin in a wedding was for a college friend. I drove to Ohio with a few other girls for the weekend. I was super nervous and almost messed up the wedding march, but it ended up being fine.

2.  Every time I start reading a new book, I first flip through and find each page number that's a multiple of one hundred (page # 100, 200, 300, etc.). If a new chapter begins exactly on one of those multiples, I get really excited.

3. I first remember having a crush on a boy in the third grade. His name was Ryan, and he had blond hair. It was true love for sure, but that's really all I remember about him.

4. The only time I've been to Hawaii was spring break of freshman year of high school. I went with my family and paternal grandparents. I went snorkeling, parasailing, and I tried surfing. The last one didn't go so well.

5. My copy of Little Women shows many years of wear. I've read that thing so many times that the front of my paperback copy is practically falling off. I've also dog-eared my favorite passages. I heart Louisa May Alcott. 

*Note: If you know for sure, don't spoil it for others. Just make your guess and move along.
*Note x2: I tried to make this hard. 
*Note x3: It's harder than you think to come up with four lies and one truth that all sound similar enough to be the answer. 
*Note x4: Good luck.
Anonymous said...

I'm going with #2 is the truth. And make no mistake - we WILL have a gchat convo about this - specifically, the logic that led me to this conclusion.


LHawk said...

I'm going to guess #4. I want to go with #2 b/c it's...odd (no offense), but I'll stick with #4.

Julie said...

ok. Im leaning towards number 4 too but also number 2. I can't decide bewtween the two:)

Lauren said...

#2. And if that's a lie, then you must know someone who does that b/c it seems too subtly obscure to be made up on a whim.

Oh boy oh boy I hope I win! We finally just got caught up to the rest of the world & got a Sonic like 2 years ago... after many years of seeing the commercials & wishing.

Ash said...

I'm going with #1. For one thing, no one has guessed it yet. For another, I know you play violin. So at least it's an educated guess, right, even if it is the obvious choice, which usually means it's wrong.

Geoff Reese said...
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Geoff Reese said...


Hannah said...

I'm guessing #1. I have my reasons, but I don't want to spoil the guessing. :)

Geoff Reese said...


PAM said...

I vote for #1. But if I win can we negotiate the Sonic gift card? :)