Rings and Things


Sometimes I freak out because I can't feel my ring.

Oh crap, I think. I lost it. 

Then I look down and realize it's okay. It's still there.

Then I start thinking about how I got the ring, and it doesn't seem real that Jordan actually knelt down in front of me and asked me to marry him. 

It means I'll be a bride, which is weird, because aren't brides supposed to be older and more mature than me? Maybe not. All I know is, sometimes I forget that soon I'll be changing my last name and living with a boy.

Then I remember that we don't actually have a place to live. 

Deep breath.

This weekend, I'm flying to Illinois with my mom and aunt (and sister? I can't remember if she's coming) for a bridal shower. It's my first. I'm so excited, because there will be college friends and high school friends and family all together. People gathering just to see me! Not to sound conceited or anything, but they will be there just to see me.

Unfortunately, that means I'll have to remind myself how to put on makeup and find something to wear besides sweatpants.

This whole blizzard thing has really cramped my cute factor.

Still, I'm excited to see my grandparents and hang out with my girlfriends for the weekend. I'll get to show them my ring! I didn't have one the last time I was there. No, the last time I was there I didn't have any news to report. Yes, my job is good.  Yes, church is good. Yes, Jordan is good. Not super interesting.

But now I have news. And there will be gifts.
And maybe cake?

I love cake.
Lauren said...

Have fun! And remember, the bride gets as many pieces of cake as she wants.