Why I'm Freaking Out


I'm back from my weekend in Illinois! My first bridal shower. There are lots of stories to tell and pictures to share (and bags to unpack), but first I made the mistake of checking my email.

One of the first things I saw was an email with IMPORTANT information about the half marathon I'm running in three weeks in Washington. I opened the email, followed a link, and found this: 

Course Description

Short answer: hard as hell. Long answer: This course was designed to give you a run for your money. As one runner in the training group said, “Don’t even think about a PR here.” Truer words have not been spoken. The course starts on approx. 1 ½ mile of gravel service road, from there it’s mostly technical single track trails for an out and back course in both events. Both races will climb 4 miles out of the start. The half will continue for approx. another 2.5 of rolling hills and turn around to come screaming down the mountain. This is what fun looks like, right?

The trail in March will likely be VERY muddy. There will likely be standing water in some places – up to a foot deep (might not be a bad idea to pack an extra pair of socks to change into at the turn-around). The trails are some of the most technical (roots, rocks, cinder blocks, etc.) Capitol Forest has to offer.
Please be SAFE! There are a number of steep sections of both courses on highly technical trails. We can’t emphasize enough that the trails are not like a ‘run in the park. This is a technical, challenging, and, of course, REWARDING course. We want you to finish happy and strong!

* * *

Now I'm freaking out, and Jordan, who tried his best to talk me out of registering for this race, is trying (rather unsuccessfully, I might add) to hold back repeating "I told you so" over and over again. I might die on a mountain in Olympia. 

Not really. I know I'm just being dramatic. 

But really.

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day. 
P.P.S. Remember this moment. It might be the last time I am alive to spread the love.
P.P.P.S. I'd like someone to go up in a hot-air balloon and sprinkle my ashes over the city of Chicago. Then bury my urn under home plate at Wrigley.
Lauren said...

Oh geeze, this IS scary. Ok you know what, all you have to do is finish. That means if your time's not great, if you stop at every single drink stop along the way, or if you have to walk a bit... WHATEVS. You can do this.