Marathon Training: Week 11


Honestly, this week looks a little like "wah wah." But I had the big 20 miles last Sunday, and my legs were tired. I'm still kind of like, did I really do that? Twenty miles is just a crazy distance. 

Finished 20 miles! 
At the beginning of the week I was at the lake house with my family, and my mom and I went on a 2-mile walk on Monday. Cross training, right? 

Wednesday was an easy 5 miles, and then on Thursday I had an hour of boot camp with the Shape Project. Friday's 4 miles was really tough. I could tell my legs were tired from boot camp, and my pace averaged just over 10-min/mile for the first time in a while. 

I had every intention of going for a run on Sunday to finish off the week, but it's cold and spitting rain outside, and Jordan is sick with the flu, and to be honest I just don't feel like it. Plus, the weather is promising sun tomorrow, so I'm postponing my 12 miles at least for the next 12 hours. 

It's week 11, which means only SIX more weeks until my marathon! Here's what the last few long runs will look like, Lord willing:

March 23: 20 miles
March 30: 12 miles
April 6: 20 miles
April 13: 12
April 20: 8
April 28: 26.2

Marsa said...

you are so amazing and inspiring!! i could never run a marathon. i hate running. i wish i loved it so that i could do it all the time :(
its so inspiring to see people like you training for a marathon though!

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Kaylin said...

Just found your blog through for Laure and Lauren. You are fun, inspiring, and honest. Love it.

Newest follower.

Drop by sometime, say hi, and stay a while at my little space if you can!

Anonymous said...

Our marathons are a day apart! But, your long run schedule is way more intense than mine. You rock!

My first 20-miler is in two weeks, and I am hoping I took half as happy as you do when I'm done! :)


Coach Jen said...

Great job! I love long runs too :)

jillconyers said...

WTG! Your smile says it all!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME work on the long run! :)