Flashback Friday--My Tennis Story


Freshman year of high school [shout-out to Wheaton North folk! woot!] I played tennis. I barely made the team, actually. We had tryouts, and it came down to one spot left. It was either me or Lindsey Bodenstab. I was annoyed, because it wasn't as if this was my first time on the court. I had started taking lessons when I was somewhere in the six, seven, eight range. I took private lessons and started getting really good. That's when they made me play with the boys...because I was too good for the girls. 

That's when I quit. 

See, I was afraid of boys. Boys were cute and scary, and I didn't want them to think I was stupid. Plus, I was kinda sick of tennis anyway. So I quit for a few years until I decided I wanted to play for the high school team. That's why this whole barely-making-the-team thing was annoying me, because I knew that if I hadn't quit, I wouldn't be sucking up tryouts.

Turns out it was okay, because they let both Lindsey and I on the team. Something about positive attitudes and word ethic. So I practiced hard, and eventually worked my way to first doubles by junior year. I loved playing on the varsity team, but there was one problem: my intense rage upon losing or while I was losing or at the thought of losing. 

My doubles partner, Jessie, and I didn't get along so well. I blamed her, but my parents say I was the one who wasn't being nice. I guess she didn't appreciate me yelling at her when she missed a shot. Bottom line: I wasn't a good sport back then; don't let my cute hair clip and big smile fool you. I broke a racket once because I slammed it on the ground after a loss.

Luckily, I've completely changed my ways, and now I am a mature adult who doesn't get grouchy or sulk when I lose. I've grown, trust me. 

Just don't ask anyone who knows me to verify this information. They'll lie to you and say I still hate losing.

I played tennis throughout college and had a lot of good times. Tennis is awesome, and playing it makes me happy. Actually, tennis was my saving grace in Oklahoma. It's what keeps me active and in shape during the spring and summer. It's why I started making real, solid friends when I knew no one. It's how it found my roommate. And it's what Jordan and I did the first time we ever hung out.

One thing on my bucket list is to see a Grand Slam tournament live. And to be in one of the old lady leagues when I'm older. I'm sure I'll be used to losing by then.
Geoff Reese said...

Haha this is so funny because I had totally forgotten about being so excited about you playing tennis and getting pretty good and then QUITTING. I don't think I ever said "told you so" when you were frustrated for ever quitting but I sure thought it.